Pizza is one of America’s most popular meal options. When that pizza is frozen, not only is it a convenient meal, but also an inexpensive one that will satisfy a variety of palates. Consumer demand for diversity in ingredients, crust types and quality cheese might have been what prompted the introduction of 84 new varieties of frozen pizza products just in 2010, according to the third edition of Frozen Foods in the United States.

The phrase “as American as apple pie” should be changed for “as American as sunflower seeds.” Sunflower seeds are an American original crop, cultivated by the Aztecs, the Cherokees and other native tribes as far back as 3000 B.C. The Spanish explorers grew so enamored with their beauty that they took the seeds back to Spain, where they spread throughout Europe, finding a very special place in Russia, where they made the seeds bigger through hybrid species.

Clipper Seafoods Ltd. has plenty of competition for Alaska cod and other species of fish throughout the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska. However, David Little’s company is one of the few harvesters utilizing baited hooks and longliners, a low-impact, environmentally sensitive fishing style that keeps species flourishing for the long term while ensuring the freshest fish possible for clients.

Fruit has a nasty habit of not lasting too long if it’s not eaten right away, but London Fruit Inc. of Pharr, Texas, has remained fresh for more than 30 years. Partner Jerry Garcia says that’s due in large part to the fact that the company hasn’t allowed its relationships to spoil.

Beef is the third most-consumed meat in the world and is the principal meat used in many cultures’ cuisines. The United States is one of the largest consumers of beef (along with Brazil and China) with an average of $41.8 billion in retail and wholesale purchases of beef made each year, according to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. With a goal of meeting this demand in a quality manner, Colorado Boxed Beef Co. (CBBC) has become a major distributor throughout the Southeast.

There are many food distributors serving the numerous mines and exploration camps throughout the Northwest Territories. Northern Foodservices maintains its head office and some of its operations in this remote region of Canada, which makes it capable of filling orders on a next-day basis.

When it comes to getting produce from the field to the fork, the only things consumers are concerned about are quality, safety and freshness. McEntire Produce has spent more than seven decades improving its processes and ensuring the produce it provides to customers is as fresh and safe as possible.

The commitment to supplying the highest quality products possible along with ensuring that Marra Brothers’ products are fresh when customers receive them is contributing to the success of Marra Brothers Distributing Inc., a distributor of bulk and packaged food products in the San Francisco Bay area.

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