PrimeSource Foodservice Equipment is not in the business of selling equipment. Instead, it is in the business of solving its clients’ problems, President and COO Darren Anderson says. “Those solutions are what’s right for the client as opposed to what may give us the highest financial return,” Anderson explains. “We really do focus on becoming indispensable to our customer.”

Ever since the late Carl Scharffenberger and his wife, Mary Ellen, established Food Sales West in 1974, the Costa Mesa, Calif.-based foodservice brokerage firm has consistently grown and attained its goal of being the most sought-after foodservice sales resource to top-tier manufacturers on the West Coast, President Dave Lyons says. 

Produce and specialty distributor B. Giambrone & Co. has been able to maintain a more personal relationship with its customers. “We have more one-on-one communications with our customers, that means a lot in our industry,” President and owner Ben Giambrone says. Based in Rochester, N.Y., B. Giambrone & Co. distributes produce within a 60-mile radius of its home city. The company’s history goes back to 1904, when Giambrone’s grandparents, Benedetto and Francesca Giambrone, started the company and sold fresh produce door-to-door from a pushcart.

One of the country’s largest foodservice distributors be­lieves it is successful in part through its dedication to offering service “be­yond the plate.” “To exist in today’s world, showing up to the party isn’t enough, you have to bring your ‘A’ game,” U.S. Foodservice says. “You have to have unquestionable products and service. You have to fuse strong and enduring connections – with business partners and the communities in which they live.”

Bancroft, Wis.-based RPE Inc. – a second-generation family farm specialized in growing and shipping potatoes and onions year-round – is a category leader and key player in reshaping the way its industry operates. The company’s mission transcends the traditional farmer’s goal of providing high-quality, fresh products to a broad customer base offering best-in-class retail solutions to its partners and blazing new trails in category innovation.

Vegetables are perfectly capable of growing and thriving on their own, but tweaking and improving the conditions they grow in often is necessary to obtain the best results for our purposes. In the world of business, however, constant improvement isn’t only a nice idea, it’s vitally necessary for a company’s survival.

The United States is home to more than 757,000 beef cow operations, and out of the entire country, Nebraska ranks first in commercial red meat production and second for having the most cattle and cows. In fact, the state has approximately 5 million head of cattle, but only 1.7 million residents. Richard Romanoff had roots in the Cornhusker State – his great-grandfather had a beef business there – and when he founded Nebraskaland in 1989, he named his company after the state that knew a thing or two about meat.

It doesn’t matter whether a recipe is executed flawlessly if the flavor isn’t there. A food manufacturer can have the most advanced equipment, the most effective distribution and the most attractive packaging, but it likely won’t mean anything if its products don’t have authentic flavor. For 55 years, Washington’s Milne Fruit Products Inc. has been providing the food industry with the fruit ingredients people love, making it one of the industry’s most important partners. 

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