It doesn’t matter whether a recipe is executed flawlessly if the flavor isn’t there. A food manufacturer can have the most advanced equipment, the most effective distribution and the most attractive packaging, but it likely won’t mean anything if its products don’t have authentic flavor. For 55 years, Washington’s Milne Fruit Products Inc. has been providing the food industry with the fruit ingredients people love, making it one of the industry’s most important partners. 

When it comes to its process, Mastronardi is consistently green, but the products it produces come in a variety of colors such as orange, red, yellow and brown. When it comes to taste, its products are even more diverse. “Mastronardi really created the strategy of branding tomatoes,” says Paul Mastronardi, president of the family-owned business. “No one was branding and putting flavor into tomatoes.

J.J. Taylor Distributing Co. of Minnesota Inc. is just completing its 25th year, which President Mike Bamonti attributes to the efforts of its founder and employees. “It’s good guidance from John Taylor – his leadership and the vision that he set for the company,” Bamonti emphasizes. “Our core value is to be a first-choice distributor for our employees, our retail partners and our suppliers.

For Ingredient Innovations, working closely with clients is essential, founder Roxanne Armstrong says. “It is all about relationships,” she declares. “I create relationships with food companies that are my customers now and could be my customers in the future. Armstrong is the founder and sole employee of the Kansas City, Mo.-based company, a brokerage firm that represents a range of specialty food ingredients, including enzyme-modified cheese, vegetarian sausage, and food coloring and flavors.

Consumers crowd the stalls, booths and storefronts of Detroit’s colorful and unique Eastern Market district every Saturday morning, but during the business week, Fairway Packing Co. also handles commercial packing house and produce business for restaurants in Michigan and nationwide. The company has been located in the Eastern Market since 1989, where it provides old-style packing house-quality meat products, poultry, seafood and produce with state-of-the-art equipment and the newest technology.

Any good bartender will tell you that knowing what your customers like best is very important. Knowing how to mix the perfect cocktail or pour the proper glass of wine for each individual’s taste is the difference between success and failure. It’s no different for wholesalers like Atlanta’s Quality Wine & Spirits, as well. President and CEO Joe Best says the company has carved out its own spot in the marketplace in a short amount of time by knowing exactly how to serve its diverse customer base.

With a philosophy to develop “long-term partnering relationships with our customers,” Pocono Produce Co. (PPC) strives to deliver products that are of the highest quality and provide the best value. By adhering to this mission for more than 70 years, the company says it has become one of the top-50 broadline distribution operations in the United States.

Palmetto Foodservice President Peter Landskroener says his company had to overcome a rocky start because of the recent economic downturn. Formed in 2007 by Landskroener and a partner, Palmetto Foodservice represented a “new beginning” for the partners after spending many years with another distributor, but that new beginning was a little shaky at first.

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