Owned and operated by its current family leadership for more than 60 years, Kegel’s Produce has earned a reputation for providing the best service when it comes to distributing the freshest fruit and vegetables to a broad range of customers in the Northeast, Vice President John Groft attests. A strong emphasis on quality and customer service was instilled in the Lancaster, Pa., company by its founder, Earl P. Kegel, who started selling produce at a fruit stand outside the Lancaster County Courthouse and at a local retail store in the 1930s.

Ambrogi Food Distribution Inc. is a business with a passion for customer service that permeates from the top to the bottom. “That has always been our forte,” says owner Jerry Ambrogi Jr. “We understand the importance of the customers.”

With the exception of bananas, G.W. Palmer offers every commodity – from 2,000-pound potato “totes” to 4-ounce spices – to retail, wholesale and foodservice clients. From its headquarters in Memphis, Tenn., and satellite operations in Nashville, Tenn.; Clearwater, Fla.; Elba, N.Y.; and Pismo Beach, Salinas and Upland, Calif., G.W. Palmer is a brokerage company that is known throughout the United States and internationally.

People appreciate being able to walk into their local supermarket and recognize not only employees stocking shelves and filling out orders behind counters, but also the names on the groceries that they are purchasing. Gordy’s County Market wants to deliver exactly that with its seven supermarket locations across Wisconsin’s Chippewa Valley region. The company started small and has grown along with the area it serves. Gordy and Donna Schafer established it in 1966 in Chippewa Falls, Wis. Ever since, the store has not faltered from its goal of delivering quality grocery products from local suppliers while maintaining its family atmosphere.

Everybody wants his or her food to be as fresh as possible nowadays, and Get Fresh Produce Inc. is committed to providing it. Business relationships and referrals from satisfied customers build the business. Also important is responding to customers’ needs. This builds the loyalty that the customers of Get Fresh Produce Inc. demonstrate.

When Daymon World­wide was form­ed 40 years ago by Peter Damon Schwartz and Milt Sender, the two developed a strategy to grow retailers’ private label products. At the time, private label products (as they were known then) were often considered low qua­lity and inferior to major, national brands. Where most saw a lesser product, Schwartz and Sender saw an opp­or­tu­nity.

One way a species keeps pro­­gressing is by pass­ing the hard-won knowledge it has gained from gen­e­ra­tion to generation. No­where is that more true than for A.J. Silberman and Co., a member of the endangered species of independent convenience store distributors, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2010.

As a fourth generation family owned and operated business, Acme Smoked Fish Corp. has built itself on a foundation of values that continues to bring success to the company in the industry. Under the leadership of the Brownstein and Caslow families, Acme stresses that it has garnered unmatched experience, and it stakes its reputation on every piece of smoked fish that leaves its Brooklyn, N.Y., smokehouse.

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