Ferraro Foods Inc. does not view  clients and suppliers as mere participants in a business transaction. Instead, the company treats both groups “like part of the family,” it says.

The family owned distributor carries multiple products, including pasta, cheeses, tomatoes, flour, beverages, meat, seafood, appetizers, desserts and food containers. “We also import some of the finest specialty food products directly from Italy and Europe,” it says.

Ben E. Keith Co., a Fort Worth, Texas-based distributor of foodservice products and beverages, opened a new warehouse facility to improve service and call one of its longtime service areas home.

The 475,000-square-foot facility is located on 82 acres in Missouri City, Texas and distributes foodservice products to the Houston, southeast Texas and southern Louisiana regions, Food President Mike Roach says. Ben E. Keith has been delivering products and building relationships in the region for more than 20 years. “The core business will be the same, but the facility has a number of advancements built into it,” he adds. The new distribution center offers 17,000 items to its customers to fulfill any foodservice operator’s needs.

For more than 75 years, The Odom Corporation has carried forth the legacy of Milt Odom, who founded the company in Alaska in 1934. Today, the company is still a family owned business and one of the largest privately held companies in the Northwest. 

“We’re in the second generation of Odom family ownership, and the third generation is now actively involved in the company, as well,” President and CEO John Odom says. 

In the U.S. food distribution industry, the key success criteria are operational efficiencies, consumer understanding to drive sales, breadth of product and speed-to-market. With that in mind, DPI Specialty Foods has made it its mission to deliver gourmet, specialty, natural/organic and ethnic products to clients throughout the United States as cost-efficiently as possible while making sure its customers are supported by a well trained salesforce.

It’s not often that companies want their competition to succeed, but Paulaner HP USA has found that the success of the craft beer market has only increased demand for its own product. President and CEO Jeff Coleman became familiar with Paulaner – a brand of beers that began being brewed by monks in the early 1500s, and the leading Munich, Germany Brewery since 1634 – in the 1980s, and became an importer for the brand in 1987. That ended in 2003 when Heineken–Star Brands took over USA marketing and sales. Then in 2009, Paulaner Brewery and Coleman got back together, forming a Paulaner majority-owned joint venture with Coleman’s Distinguished Brands International.

When a company is doing something well in one or several aspects of its business, it doesn’t take long for customers, suppliers and its market as a whole to notice. New England Wine & Spirits Inc. – an importer and distributor of wines, beers and other beverages based in Connecticut – is a great example of this, based on the number of awards the company has won throughout its 25-year tenure in the industry. In recent years, New England Wine & Spirits has been recognized as the Best New Distributor and received the Wine Adventure Hero Award from California-based Wente Family Vineyards; Seghesio Winery of California selected four of New England Wine & Spirits’ salespeople to enter is Ambassador Club; and the entire company was chosen to entire the Ambassador Club of Shingleback Wines in Australia.

Musical front man for the prog rock bands A Perfect Circle, Tool and Puscifer, Maynard James Keenan also is spearheading efforts to elevate Arizona wines in the minds of wine connoisseurs worldwide and to champion his own wine label, Caduceus Cellars.

“We’re such a small, growing industry,” Keenan points out. He concedes that not much Arizona wine is being distributed outside the state’s borders. “This is definitely one of those industries that is about baby steps, and the truth is in the bottle,” Keenan insists. “Once we’ve established a profile for a bottle, you can taste Arizona in the bottle. You can’t fake that.”

elling fresh produce runs in Angelo Benandi’s family. His father used to bring fresh produce such as watermelons and pumpkins from his family farm to sell at New Orleans’ French Market, and that’s where he got his first taste of the produce business. After many years of helping his father sell produce in the French Market, Benandi went into business for himself, establishing A.J.’s Produce Co. Inc. in 1983 as a wholesaler of fruits and vegetables.

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