How Domino's Does It – Advice from Paul Skinner, VP of Development for Domino’s Pizza International

Guest blog by Tesla Martinez

Many operators of consumer foodservice businesses might be searching for their next explosive opportunity abroad. These firms would be smart to “execute against value,” says Paul Skinner, vice president of development for Domino's Pizza International. “We saw a gold rush of U.S. brands going international solely on U.S. novelty and appeal and the markets filled fast,” Skinner notes about the landscape of consumer foodservice in recent years.


Skinner encourages companies to recognize that it is no longer sufficient to survive internationally on novelty, and it is imperative to focus on and pursue value. Skinner believes consistency is also a key element for international success. “I stay focused on what is relevant to me and our 10,000 stores,” he reveals. “If I can get a fast, fresh and nutritious meal every time, everywhere in the world and do it consistently, then my teams have victoriously stayed focused on what sustains Domino’s success.”

Skinner affirms that Domino’s delivery system, which has been continuously improved for over 50 years, is “not rocket science, but terribly disciplined.” For example, his teams successfully operate in some of the trickiest traffic patterns in the world, including London and Moscow, where “people can barely get home from work much less order a meal,” Skinner says.

The process for his teams preparing for a Friday night rush is more than one would expect at a typical quick-service restaurant (QSR). “You have to hit on all eight cylinders every time and consistently every time," he says. "If you do it 50 percent of the time, that is not good enough.” Describing a prospective client somewhere in the world who just got home from work on a Friday night, Skinner asserts, “He might not even be in the mood for pizza, but he will order pizza because he knows he can get it.”

This, he adds, is why consistency in execution is so important: “People depend on you – if you do it right.”

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