Clean Your Plate

A post from Editorial Director John Krukowski  

If you're a parent, at some point in your life you've probably had to resort to pleading, ordering or bargaining to get your child to finish his or her meal. Or, maybe you can recall times from your own childhood when your parents tried to guilt you into finishing your food by asking you to "think of the starving children in China." How times change.


I was intrigued to learn there is a grassroots movement in China to get people to finish all of their meals. Apparently, leaving some food on the plate is regarded as a bit of a status symbol among many upscale diners. But in a nation with such a fast-growing middle- and upperclass, that results in tons – many tons, actually – of food waste. I'm not sure the parents of America are ready to make a federal case just to get their kids to eat, but some of them are probably hoping their kids will adopt the slogan of the clean-your-plate movement in China: "I'm proud of my clean plate."  

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