A ‘Big Disruptor’ for 2016

The new year is quickly approaching and with it comes a number of annual marketing reports predicting next year’s hottest industry trends. Although there are some trends, like non-GMO, local and transparency that we know aren’t going anywhere, observers are pointing to tech-driven delivery as the next “Big Disruptor” for 2016.


Online Foood Ordering Concept Illustration.

Baum + Whiteman, a New York-based international food and restaurant consulting firm, says “consumers will have access to the world’s largest [virtual] drive-thru window without ever leaving home." The firm reports that Google, uberEats, Amazon Prime Now, Postemates, Grub Hub and Yelp are all getting into high-speed food delivery to offer the ultimate in consumer convenience. What does this mean for the food industry?

Baum + Whiteman expects retailers will become more eager to secure consumers’ dollars and offer on-demand delivery like 7-Eleven and DoorDash. Supermarkets, however could be in danger as e-retailers like Amazon team up with farmers markets to deliver products directly to the home and cut out the middleman. These trends could have a negative impact on restaurants.

“Suppose customers are craving barbecued ribs and sites like Amazon or Uber or Google gave them a dozen restaurants and gourmet shops near their zip code, and suppose they included professional reviews of these producers, and suppose they ranked rib restaurants according to some mysterious algorithm that works against certain restaurants?” the firm asks. “Restaurants lose marketing control of their business.”

To stay ahead of the curve, restaurants and retailers should begin focusing on tech-driven delivery if they aren’t already to satisfy the demands of consumers. Develop a plan to make the system work for your business and capture or sustain your marketshare.

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