It’s that time of year for unpredictable weather. We hear almost daily about a storm that resulted in dangerous flooding or deadly tornados and left a grim scene in its wake. Towns can be left devastated after Mother Nature strikes, leaving victims without shelter, basic necessities and nourishment, which is where Operation BBQ Relief (OBR) steps in.

For a majority of us, an “authentic” Italian meal includes a box of pasta, whatever sauce we are in the mood for and Parmesan cheese, which mostly likely originated in Wisconsin. What most people – myself included – don’t know is that various types of pasta work best and taste best with certain sauce combinations. For example, penne pairs perfectly with a classic pasta sauce made with young and “sweet” or mild Gorgonzola cheese from Lombardy, Italy. But where do you get those ingredients? And, didn’t the cost of my dinner just jump from around $3 to how much?

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