As the “Fight for $15” continued Wednesday with a group of about 2,000 protestors who gathered about a half a mile west of McDonald’s headquarters in a Chicago suburb, I can’t help but continue to be annoyed by the demonstrations. Why should front-line workers be making $15 an hour? I attended a four-year university to become a journalist and my first job out of college didn’t even pay that! Sure there are other fields of study that pay more, but I can speak to my first-hand experience in this industry.

Ardent Mills literally drives innovation to its customers with the Mobile Innovation Center – a fully functional bakery, culinary kitchen and meeting space designed to deliver onsite culinary and R&D creativity. The premier flour-milling and ingredient company offered an exclusive look into its Mobile Innovation Center Monday before the National Restaurant Association Hotel-Motel Show began. Coming up to the Ardent Mills booth, I couldn’t help but close my eyes and breathe in the smell of freshly baked bread – which was then followed by a wide-eyed reaction to the giant trailer that was parked before me.

When the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) started FMI Connect, its overarching goal was to provide a forum where industry leaders could come together to collaborate and enhance their businesses. The institute always held an annual show until a few years ago when it changed to every other year, but then re-annualized it last year based on member demand.

Starbucks’ controversial “Race Together” campaign launched this week, causing an explosion of ridicule on social media. The launch even resulted in Corey duBrowa, the company’s senior vice president of communications, deleting his Twitter account Tuesday for a period of time because he felt “personally attacked.” So let me get this straight, Starbucks: You launch a campaign to get your customers to start talking about race. They do. And in response your senior vice president of communications deletes his Twitter account. Is that how to lead by example?

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