Starbucks’ controversial “Race Together” campaign launched this week, causing an explosion of ridicule on social media. The launch even resulted in Corey duBrowa, the company’s senior vice president of communications, deleting his Twitter account Tuesday for a period of time because he felt “personally attacked.” So let me get this straight, Starbucks: You launch a campaign to get your customers to start talking about race. They do. And in response your senior vice president of communications deletes his Twitter account. Is that how to lead by example?

Polystyrene foodservice packaging – ya know, the stuff we drink our morning coffee out of and what our food comes in when we order takeout – accounts for about 0.4 percent, by weight, of the total one percent of polystyrene products generated in municipal solid waste. It’s a small percentage, but more can be done and recycling locations are available nationwide to make that happen.

Do you have trouble finding the right people to join your restaurant or new hires don’t always work out the way you thought they would? The National Restaurant Association (NRA), in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor, set out to solve that problem and this week introduced the industry’s first-ever Food and Beverage Service Competency Model that will help identify the best potential employees and the skills needed to excel.

What is your company doing to incorporate more sustainable measures into its business practices? If the answer is nothing, that’s probably going to cost you. Solar City, an energy service provider in San Mateo, Calif., reported its findings on consumer trends in sustainability and found that 55 percent of consumers are actively seeking green products and services.

Beef prices last year in the United States were the highest they have been since 1987 because of the country’s declining cattle supply and increased demand. This year, however, we expect the industry to see the price of beef fall as the country begins to import beef from Ireland.

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