Sugar-sweetened beverages are in the hot seat again as lawmakers propose a tax increase that would use the revenue to prevent, treat and research diet-related health conditions.

Nutrition education has become a tool that has empowered young consumers to make their own healthy choices. Y-Pulse, a division of Olson Communications based in Chicago, was formed 10 years ago to conduct surveys, interviews and roundtable discussions to reveal the evolution of foodservice trends in the education segment. “In K-12 schools, lunch has become a learning lab empowering young consumers with the knowledge they need to make mindful nutritious choices,” the company says. “Ninety-six percent of school foodservice directors consider teaching nutrition education to be an important part of their job.”

This is a guest blog from Mike Ryan. 

Indian food now surpasses Chinese food in popularity two-to-one in the U.S. and has secured a new generation of health-conscious and adventurous consumers. This shift can be attributed to the cuisine’s supply of exotic flavors and the growing popularity of all things Indian.

Every good marketer knows you have to localize to succeed in international waters. For example, Coca-Cola slightly alters its secret recipe to the taste buds of its markets and McDonald’s offers “Le” Big Mac in Paris with a side of beer, but keeps its offering Kosher in Israel by removing the cheeseburger from its menu. But how do you apply this need to adapt to a local market when the promise of your product is the uniqueness of its origin? Do you risk losing your key differentiator when you embrace local needs?

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