The Universal Exposition has always been a platform to show off the most ambitious successes that man has achieved overtime since its inception in 1851. Over the years, it has evolved to become a platform for the hosting country to select a hot global topic that will inspire international dialogue.

Uncover your Weber, pull out the meat seasonings and load up on charcoal because grilling season is nearly here. But, wait! You’ll also need more cash this year if you want the traditional red meat lining your grill racks.

When was the last time you had dinner alone in public without paperwork or technology to keep you occupied? It may feel awkward or give you anxiety to walk into a restaurant with nothing but the pleasure of your own company, but if you can get past the stigma of dining alone and the “Is she by herself?” looks, the experience could be one to remember.

Choosing to eat healthy usually means heading towards the fresh ingredients instead of the frozen food aisles in the grocery store for most consumers. Frozen foods can be considered a less appealing choice because they are seen as being processed and full of preservatives or sodium. Even Wendy’s touts its “Always Fresh, Never Frozen” burgers to instill in consumers that fresh is better than frozen.

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