Happy hours have long been associated with grabbing a cheap alcoholic beverage and a bite to eat at a local restaurant or bar. Patrons most often seek establishments that have appealing specials on those traditional items, but more and more customers today are also enticed by non-alcoholic drink options.

As we finally come to the end of this year’s harsh winter, it was bone-chillingly obvious in Chicago that climate change is not a problem we will have to worry about sometime in the future – it’s here now. So, what does this mean for the food industry?

This is a guest blog from Ashley Chan.  

Color most definitely has an impact on the success of a restaurant. We live in a world filled with color; it impacts us emotionally and mentally. Color is a great way to send a subconscious message to your customers. 

Walking through the produce aisles of any grocery store in the past few months has been an unsatisfactory task. For me, Saturday mornings have been dedicated to driving to multiple grocery stores in the hopes of finding produce that will stay fresh for more than a couple days. While in the midst of my routine this past weekend, it occurred to me that there had to be an easier way. There is.

A list of the top-23 mobile apps that help health-conscious consumers obtain valuable product information was compiled last fall by Food Tank: The Food Think Tank, a non-profit organization based in Chicago that offers solutions and environmentally sustainable ways to alleviate hunger, obesity and poverty by creating a network of connections and information.

A post from Editorial Director John Krukowski

I blogged last week about a movement in China to reduce food waste among restaurant diners. Of course, it's an issue seen around the world, and I thought this table puts the high environmental and economic costs of food waste into perspective. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, particularly if you work in foodservice. What can we as an industry do about it?  

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