Our society is so consumed by image that it even translates into the choices we make when selecting produce. Have you ever overlooked produce that was too large or small, had an imperfect shape or less than vibrant color? If so, you’re not alone. About 26 percent of produce in the United States goes uneaten before it reaches the store because of cosmetics.

The sun has set on day one of the Roots Conference 2015 in Milan, Ohio, and one can’t help but walk away inspired. 20150921_090733“We hope the presentations provide templates for action and you take some ideas home and continue the work,” Roots Curator Jody Eddy says. “Conservation starts here and this is just the beginning. One of the most gratifying things that has come out of Roots is so many people tell us they have made connections here and started doing work together and never realized they had the same things in common. It really fosters a community and gets the conversations started.”

Crew members of NASA Expedition 44 got a taste of home earlier this month when they sampled their harvest of “Outredgeous” red romaine lettuce. Why is this so awesome? With a sustainable food source in orbit, NASA will be able to explore farther into space. The crews will be able to grow and eat fresh produce and feel closer to Earth during their missions.NASA believes this is key for future explorations.

Now there’s something you don’t hear every day – unless of course you’re talking about wine and spirits.  “The smaller the barrel the faster the oak infusion,” Oak Bottle creator Joel Paglione says. “Let’s make the smallest possible barrel and that’s the Oak Bottle.”

Do you hear that? It’s a call to action.The issues plaguing the food industry today are frightening. A report from the Global Harvest Initiative states that the demand for food, feed, fiber and fuel will likely outpace food production in 2050. With the population expected to reach at least 9 billion, parts of the world still lack clean drinking water and $1 trillion worth of all food produced worldwide is lost or wasted. And those are just a few examples. Are you feeling that call to action yet?

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