It is one of the most anticipated events of the year … and one of the best-kept secrets. In just 10 days, attendees will be dressed head-to-toe in their finest white apparel with picnic baskets standing by, patiently awaiting a ding from their email. The secret location will then be revealed and attendees will make their way to an iconic space in Chicago to dine, drink, socialize and be entertained.

As a leading bar and restaurant social entertainment and integrated marketing platform for 30 years, NTN Buzztime Inc. is all about the guest experience. Today, it redefines the dining experience for customers by adding new capabilities to its tabletop tablets. Buzztime unveiled its integrated menu, self-service ordering and payment capabilities as options for its free-floating tablets that allow customers to personalize their night out. 

The fall semester is just around the corner and while students are busy with their back-to-school shopping for the latest dorm room accessories and note-taking necessities, one of the most important tools they will need this semester is just a download away. Is your business on Tapingo? If not, it should be.

After getting their first taste of Limoncello five years ago in Italy, Tom Kiefer and Linda Losey left the country not only with some “fine” artwork for their walls at home, but with a dream of opening their own mini-distillery and a determination to replicate that recipe. “We got lost in Italy and happened to find this restaurant where the chef didn’t speak English and we didn’t speak Italian,” Losey remembers. “We clicked using hand signals and pointing on the menu. It was a great time and they kept trying to get us to buy the artwork on the walls. After our third bottle of wine, he brought out the Limoncello… we left with two bottles of it and the artwork off the walls.”

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