They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place where memories are made with family around the dinner table and where friends gather to reconnect over a glass of wine. In her very own kitchen, Amy Hampton poured her heart into creating wine and using her soirees as inspiration. Her wine was originally served as a party favorite surrounded by music, conversation and family friends.“My journey into wine started as a passion for serving others,” Hampton says. “With my background in chemistry, I’m used to being in the lab and creating concoctions. In 2008, I started having parties at my home and using them as case studies to see if my wine would appeal to my guests.”

…Is said to keep the doctor away, according to the infamous expression that dates back to Wales in the 1860s. But it could just gain some leverage in D.C. as a local business combines fruit juice with a touch of THC. Just last month, our nation’s capital issued its first commercial kitchen permit to District Growers, a producer of fresh cold-pressed juice infused with medical marijuana.

We were so close to gaining access to more information about the food we consume, but some are alleging the food industry is doing what it can to delay posting calorie counts on the food it sells. They won’t be ready by the deadline of Dec. 1, 2015, restaurants say. But is the restaurant industry really to blame for the delay? How has the Food and Drug Administration stepped in to help these entities prepare?

Six carefully selected artisan food products and a how-to manual of sorts delivered to your doorstep in a wooden box is what The Mantry is all about. “It’s the modern man’s pantry,” co-founder Reggie Milligan says. “We recognized there was a void in the industry for a food-of-the-month club that spoke to guys.”

The founders’ objective is to travel the country picking products that are functional and exciting for mid-20 to 40-something-year-old males. The Mantry monthly crate allows subscribers to discover and eat six full-size, super premium foods that are not your typical grocery store varieties. “We describe it as ‘GQ meets Dean & DeLuca,’” Milligan notes. “We started about two and a half years ago finding people who are making cool, small batch, artisan food products around the United States.”

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