As many new health studies indicate, what people eat can affect their health in big ways. Often, the path to good health is paved with healthy eating. This is the philosophy of Food Management Group (FMG) Inc., which prepares healthy food for hospitals in specialty settings with fewer than 100 beds.
“What most people don’t understand is that a diet order form is the same as a prescription for the pharmacy,” President and Chairman T. David Witten emphasizes. “The importance of fulfilling that diet order is as important as fulfilling that drug order in the healing of a patient.”
If you are what you eat, food can heal patients. “It’s underestimated the power that proper nutrition plays in the role of healing,” new FMG CEO Craig Boudreaux adds. “We all understand that intrinsically, but when you’re really sick, the role of food in the healing process is critical. So the proper balance of nutrition and of proteins and carbohydrates can make or break patient recovery. We believe we can help impact the overall outcome of the patient and how long that patient has to be hospitalized.”
FMG serves 60 facilities in 19 states including the District of Columbia and Alaska. Headquartered in Burgess, Va., the company has regional offices in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Miami, Richmond, Va., and Alpharetta, Ga.

Some companies might balk at changes in food safety regulations, but Cecelia Packing Corp. is more than willing to meet the new standards. “[It’s] what we have to do,” President David Roth asserts. “Safety is No. 1.”
Based in Orange Cove, Calif., Cecelia Packing grows, packs, ships and markets California citrus fruits, including oranges, Minneola tangelos, tangerines and grapefruit. The company started operations in 1979.
Cecelia Packing initially grew tree fruits. Today, “We’re 100 percent citrus,” Roth explains, noting that the operation has 2,200 acres of citrus properties. “We pack about 1.4 million cartons [of fruit] a year.”
The company also has stayed ahead of the “varietals curve,” with products such as its Cara Cara pink navel oranges and Valencia oranges, Roth says. “We’re also getting quite big in the blood oranges,” he adds.

Many maple product companies focus solely on syrup, but not Sweet Tree Holdings. “We have no intention of selling [just] syrup on the marketplace,” CFO Michael Argyelan says.

Based in Island Pond, Vt., Sweet Tree Holdings plans to develop a broad maple product line, ranging from syrups to beverages. The company, which is part of the portfolio of Wood Creek Capital Management LLC, has a history going back to 2013.

That year, Wood Creek’s managing director, Bob Saul, purchased the startup’s first property. “The idea was to establish a maple producing company that could compete in the world marketplace against other world conglomerates,” Argyelan recalls, noting that the company purchased another 3,500 acres and a former Ethan Allen plant in Island Pond.

Consumers who buy Sunnyside Farms brand milk and dairy products can rest assured that these goods are of the highest possible quality. “The milk orders we receive are processed and on the store shelves within 24 hours. We don’t maintain inventories,” says Carl Graziani, president and general manager of Super Store Industries (SSI), the brand’s manufacturer and owner. “We get milk out to our partners as fresh as can be.”

The Stockton, Calif.-based company produces milk and other bottled products including juices, yogurt drinks and water, as well as the cultured dairy products yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese, and frozen products including ice cream. Fresh milk products and juice bottled products are produced in a facility in Fairfield, Calif.; while cultured and frozen products are manufactured in a plant in Turlock, Calif. 

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