Nightingale Farms stands out in the produce farming industry for not only the quality of the fruits and vegetables it grows, but the techniques it utilizes to cultivate its crops. Within the past 15 years, the LaSalette, Ontario-based company has heavily invested in new technologies including mechanization techniques such as automatic picking systems. The company has also invested in greenhouses and high tunnels, both of which allow it to grow produce year-round.
“I’m willing to test or try anything,” President Bill Nightingale Jr. says. “We constantly look for anything new and innovative we can do; we want to be leaders, not followers, even if it costs a lot of money for us to do that. The ability to create niche items and be innovative is what really drives me to work every day.”
The company produces more than 100 SKUs of conventional and organic produce items annually from its 1,500-acre farm. It supplies conventional produce items to retailers within Ontario, and distributes organic items to specialty retailers throughout Canada and the United States including Whole Foods. In addition to growing its own produce, Nightingale Farms packages its own items using equipment including automated tray bagging and packing systems.
Nightingale Farms’ organic items, distributed under the Norfolk Farms brand, include colored bell peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, cluster tomatoes, beans, squash and zucchini. “We have a very extensive organic line,” he adds. “For many of our customers, we’re a one-stop-shop organic warehouse.”
The company is one of the only of its kind in North America to locally grow snow and snap peas. Nightingale Farms in 2016 also plans to grow and market French beans, Nightingale says.

There are many family owned oyster companies, but Motivatit Seafoods sets itself apart with a high level of trust between the members of its management, President and CEO Steven Voisin explains.
“As the years went by, there was never a time where there was any doubt about what was taking place amongst the family,” he recalls.
That has benefited the Houma, La.-based company, which his father, Ernest, founded in 1971. A native of Louisiana, Ernest Voisin previously worked in the aerospace industry in southern California.
Although it was a different industry, the elder Voisin’s experience gave him business skills that would be critical when managing Motivatit. Eventually, “He wanted to move home and get back involved in the seafood business, particularly oysters,” Steven Voisin says.
When Voisin and his brother, Mike, joined their father, the three started the company. Today, Motivatit specializes in oyster farming and processing and offers a full line of fresh and frozen oysters, along with custom packaging.
The company employs a staff of approximately 100 workers that strive each day to process 500 sacks of oysters and sell the excess sacks to other processors. “We provide them to restaurant groups, wholesale distributors and some casinos,” Steven Voisin says.

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