Everybody has an energy drink. Marketers compete with each other to see who can put the most caffeine in a beverage without keeping people up all night. But what happens when consumers want a good night’s sleep without a prescription medication that will make them drowsy the next day? Mountain Pure Beverage Co. LLC has the answer for that, and it’s a snooze – literally – called ZZZZs.

On a fall Saturday in the small Tennessee town of McMinnville, U.S. Marine Corps veteran Travis McVey hugs his 11-year-old son Logan, climbs into his ’85 Honda Accord and begins an hour-long drive to a promotional bottle-signing at a regional liquor store. Although the hills of eastern Tennessee are a long way from the bright lights of Hollywood or the fast pace of New York’s Madison Avenue, that’s just fine with McVey, who’s fulfilling a personal dream of supporting U.S. veterans.

Catfish has been a popular food for hundreds of years in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, often grilled or fried. It is considered a delicacy in some cultures and many value it for its health properties. But not all catfish is created equal, and Haring Catfish Enterprises strives to bring the very best to the market. Since its inception in 1954, this family business has been cultivating the highest standards in catfish farming, promising a delicious product that ensures repeat customers.

Greencore USA, a subsidiary of the U.K.-based Greencore Group, may be a young company but it already has found its place in the world. With a multi-tiered growth strategy including organic growth, acquisition and product development, Greencore USA has dug its heels in as a U.S. market mainstay with convenience store retailers.

Capitalizing on emerging trends can help any business stake out a solid position. For Good Time Beverages, the company is convinced that future success hinges on a marriage between high-quality spirits and flexible packaging.

With its focus on packaging specialty cheeses destined for the deli sections of supermarkets, Wisconsin’s Family Fresh Pack (FFP) has seen its business grow steadily for almost two decades. The company’s success has allowed it to branch out with a sister company called Family Fresh Foods, founded six months after the first one, that sells cheese, olives and tapenades.

From a 100,000-square-foot facility in Eden Prairie, Minn., Deli Express/E.A. Sween Co. each year delivers more than 75 million sandwiches to 26,000 convenience, grocery and drug stores, vending machines and other food outlets. Its vehicles deliver its branded sandwiches and other items to customers in 26 states. With the mileage the company’s fleet logs each day, it pays as much attention to its means of delivery as it does to what’s actually being transported.

It is a rare thing to find a delicious beverage that also promotes the good health of the consumer. But that is exactly the rare combination DRY Soda Co. offers, CEO Sharelle Klaus says.

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