The employees at Bright Coop Inc. have a saying – “If you eat chicken, we probably helped put it on your plate.” It’s a fairly true statement since the 60-year-old company has manufactured and distributed poultry handling equipment across the world. In fact, since the company is a leading innovator in the business, it not only helps the chicken get to consumer’s plates, but it gets it there faster and more efficient, as well.

As one of the leading pro­viders of dispensing equi­p­­­ment to bars and rest­aurants nationwide, Wunder-Bar has a unique challenge to overcome: dispelling the notion that high quality means high cost. In fact, President Rick Martindale is tackling the misconception head-on to en­sure potential customers realize that the return-on-investment in its pro­ducts can be as short as 10 to 11 months. 

When people try an oyster cracker or a snack cracker made by Westminster Cracker Co. for the first time, the company pro­claims that everyone says it’s the best cracker they’ve ever eaten. That’s a bold assertion to make in an industry as diverse and competitive as the cracker business, but the fact that the Rutland, Vt.-based company has been around for close to two centuries is a testament to its quality and popularity, Chairman of the Board Jeffrey M. Walters says. 

For Vegetable Juices Inc. (VJI), there may be no better time than now to be in the natural vegetable flavor and ingredients business. “We’re in a very good spot as far as the wellness trend,” President Jim Hurley says. “We’re trying to provide solutions so people get more vegetables, health and wellness into their diet.”

David Mintz explains that many people refer to him as “the Kosher Ham,” due to his tendency to tell jokes and “put the fun back in ice cream” with his dairy-free, soy-based creations. But as the founder and chairman of Tofutti Brands Inc., Mintz often hams it up as the result of his natural excitement about the company’s products and new developments in the dairy-free market.

Although Jamaican Teas Ltd. has a long history of delivering high-quality herbal teas to the Caribbean market through its affiliation with the British tea conglomerate Tetley Teas, a corporate decision to go public in March 2010 has enabled the Kingston, Jamaica, company to embark on a major expansion. Greater financial capabilities, combined with the strategic planning of a skilled management team, have cemented Jamaican Teas’ reputation for innovation, as its teas not only satisfy the taste palate, but also assist consumers in practicing a healthier lifestyle, Marketing Manager Charles Barrett says.

As consumers’ lives become busier, the attraction of quick bursts of protein grabbed on the go grows, too. This portion of the market, where the line between snacking and meal replacement blurs, is the one in which Sparrer Sausage Co. Inc. is experiencing the highest growth in its sausage business. “High-quality snack sticks and sausage bites are an important part of growing the business in the snacking channel,” Vice President Chris Hetherman says.

Vanilla is the world’s most popular flavor, according to the FDA, and of the approximately 2,000 metric tons of vanilla produced around the world annually, the United States consumes 70 percent. Obviously many people love vanilla for its sweet and floral notes, but many others consider it an accurate adjective for “plain” or “boring.” Regardless of which sector of consumers food producers want to attract, Sethness Greenleaf Inc. can develop a flavor that fits their needs. 


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