One of California’s longest-established winemaking families is continuing to evolve its business into new ventures while preserving the dynasty’s traditions. Don Sebastiani & Sons and The Other Guys are the latest chapters in a more than century-old family history. Both companies operate as separate entities under the Don Sebastiani Family of Companies owned by Don Sebastiani Sr., his two sons and daughter.

Hartland, New Brunswick, is home to the world’s longest covered bridge; measuring 1,282 feet, the bridge was built in 1901 and crosses the St. John River. Named a national and provincial historic site, nearly 100,000 people visit the bridge each year, particularly in the summer. Visitors come to see the bridge and enjoy the lush scenery of the St. John River Valley, but while they are in the area, they also can check out one of the newest brands in the snack market – Covered Bridge Potato Chip Co.

When a brand seeks to achieve household-name status, there isn’t a specific blueprint to follow. There are countless brands to emulate like Coca-Cola and Tabasco, but when does a company officially make the transition from category leader to the industry standard?

North Carolina’s Johnston County would be hard-pressed to imagine what it would be like without the Stevens family, which has lived in the region for more than 250 years. And for the past 60 years, it would be even harder to imagine life without the family’s hams and sausages.

Puyallup, Wash.-based Sterino Farms began farming fresh berries, beans and vegetables for the local market in 1925 and has overcome the odds to remain a steady success throughout the decades. Today, the company is in its third generation of family ownership and continues to be recognized for its high-quality head lettuce, cabbage, pumpkins, berries and more. 

At first glance, Smith Brothers Farms seems to offer a trip back in time to when the neighborhood milkman made his weekly route, dropping bottles of fresh milk on the porch.

In the highly competitive food ingredients manufacturing industry, innovation is the key to growing a business. PGP International Inc., an ABF Ingredients company, strives to remain viable by staying ahead of the curve in terms of new product developments.

Norris Food Services’ (NFS) name reflects a number of the company’s attributes. It points to its family ownership – owner and CEO William Norris manages the company with his wife, son, son-in-law and a few nephews – as well as the industry in which it works.

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