As consumers’ lives become busier, the attraction of quick bursts of protein grabbed on the go grows, too. This portion of the market, where the line between snacking and meal replacement blurs, is the one in which Sparrer Sausage Co. Inc. is experiencing the highest growth in its sausage business. “High-quality snack sticks and sausage bites are an important part of growing the business in the snacking channel,” Vice President Chris Hetherman says.

Vanilla is the world’s most popular flavor, according to the FDA, and of the approximately 2,000 metric tons of vanilla produced around the world annually, the United States consumes 70 percent. Obviously many people love vanilla for its sweet and floral notes, but many others consider it an accurate adjective for “plain” or “boring.” Regardless of which sector of consumers food producers want to attract, Sethness Greenleaf Inc. can develop a flavor that fits their needs. 

A large, experienced staff, state-of-the-art equipment and processes and a focus on quality and meeting customers’ needs all drive the operations of South Africa’s leading fish brand. Sea Harvest Corp­oration (Pty) Ltd. produces a number of frozen and fresh fish products in natural or convenience format – including frozen at sea and land frozen fillets, loins, chargrilled and crumbed sold in both retail and foodservice markets under the Sea Harvest and Cape Haddie brands.

Adding an automated packaging system can save countless man-hours and provide streamlined operations. Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. Inc. takes the guesswork out of getting a product to market quickly and efficiently with its automated end-of-line packaging solutions for the food, beverage, tissue, paper, pharmaceutical and plastics markets. 

The cuisine of Jamaica is one of the more unique and celebrated styles of food because its flavors, spices and cooking techniques are influenced not only by the indigenous people of the island, but also by its Spanish, British, African, Indian and Chinese inhabitants. Certain Jamaican staples, such as hard dough bread, Easter buns, plantain tarts and the flaky, moon-shaped pastries filled with vegetables or meat known as “patties,” were hard to come by outside of the island – that is until companies such as Royal Caribbean Bakery and Caribbean Food Delights came along. 

The flavor and fragrance industry continues to react to customer demand for natural and organic ingredients in consumer products. However, The Robertet Group – which was founded in 1850 in Grasse, France, and today remains a privately held, independent company – has remained proactively focused on natural ingredients since its founding. 

No one has changed the song to “buy me some nachos and Cracker Jacks,” but nachos have become just as much a part of the ballpark menu as peanuts and hot dogs. As the innovator of stadium nachos, San Antonio-based Ricos Products is the company hungry fans have to thank, but its legacy extends far beyond that one product. 

Since its inception, Red Stripe Lager has followed the will of the people. When it was introduced to the Jamaican market in 1928, it was a heavy and dark beverage, more like an ale. This was not suitable to local tastes, the company says, because Jamaicans wanted something that was “light and refreshing” to drink in the hot and humid Caribbean climate. Within a few years, the formula was changed, and the Red Stripe lager known to consumers today was born. 

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