Snacking is an activity often equated with junk food, but it does not have to be. SunRidge Farms produces a line of healthy snack products specially formulated for the dietary needs of specific market segments. The company includes ingredients in its health mixes for men, women and children that supplement their daily dietary intake of vitamins and minerals.

According to Trinidadian legend, any traveler who eats a Cascadura – a local freshwater fish – while visiting Trinidad may go off and travel elsewhere, but they will end their days in Trinidad. The fish is considered a local delicacy, and if the legend is true, the study of the Cascadura and other animals and agricultural products will ensure Trinidad has enough resources to feed all of the visitors who eventually will return. 

A major disaster like a fire can be enough to close many businesses down for good. For Snavely’s Mill Inc., a fire that destroyed its operations in 1985 was anything but the end for the company.

People often try to explain how long they’ve done a particular job by saying, “I grew up in this business.” Sometimes, this statement is a bit of a stretch, but for Joe Shelton and his nephew Mike Shelton, it is definitely true of their time at Shelton Farms. “We worked in the dirt at our farm as kids,” Mike Shelton explains. “We grew up in this business and learned about every aspect of it. This is the oldest food business in our local market, and we have poured our hearts into it.”

Despite many industry competitors serving up frozen treats that aren’t made of real ice cream, Wisconsin-based Schoep’s Ice Cream stays true to its name and the Dairy State. “We’re purists – we actually make real ice cream,” President and CEO Tim Timm says. “If you look at the store, most people aren’t making real ice cream because it’s expensive to do that. They’re making low-fat ice creams and frozen dairy desserts.”

Like everything in nature, endless variety can be produced from simple beginnings. Starting with a chicken egg, Rose Acre Farms creates multiple variations to meet the specific demands of its different customers.

As Reading Bakery Systems has served the food industry, it has found success by staying diversified, Executive Director of Sales Shawn Moye says. “[We are] not tied to one product category, [which] allows us to be extremely flexible in our offering,” he says. “If one type of business may be down, the other may be up.”

For many years, efficiency was the name of the game in the food industry. As the post-World War II population exploded and technology made it possible, the industry’s focus was on feeding a growing nation as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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