When Ontario-based FGF Brands sets out to make a commercial product that is a foreign food tradition – such as India’s naan or Italy’s focaccia – it goes to great lengths to make sure these items taste as authentic as they do in their country of origin.

For many chocolate lovers, the Fannie May brand needs no introduction. The national confectioner’s products have been enjoyed by generations of people for 90 years and remain a popular treat today.

As the ownership of DeBruyn Produce Co. has passed between generations of the DeBruyn family, the company has maintained integrity in its services, owner Margret DeBruyn says. “Each generation has built a very good reputation for the next to follow,” she says.

At Central Milling Co., workers strive to provide customers with quality products while also supporting American farmers, Marketing Leader Nicky Giusto says. “That’s what we really set out to do,” he states.

Last month, having been invited to a global-inspired potluck and assigned to bring a dish representative of Trinidad and Tobago, a quick internet search made it clear what I should prepare: chicken curry. Due to the heavy West Indian influence on the islands and large Hindu and Muslim populations, consumption of beef and pork is frowned upon, and chicken curry is practically considered a national dish. I was able to find Trinidadian spices for my dish, but if I wanted to be truly authentic, I would have sourced my meat from the islands’ largest producer and oldest national brand – Arawak & Co. Ltd.

Attention potato chip and other crunchy snack food lovers: Turbana has introduced a scrumptious new contender to the snack food arena. Touting 30 percent less fat than potato chips, no trans fat and zero cholesterol, Turbana Plantain Chips are a crispy, healthful and natural snack that could soon be knocking out consumers across the United States and the world.

Juice is a mainstay for many refrigerators, but its freshness is momentary, and its shelf life is brief. Likewise, it’s not easy for beverage companies to stay fresh in the marketplace, and their industry clout may be short-lived. Freshness has been the foundation of Sun Orchard’s success, not just in the quality of its products, but also in its approach to business.

With 18 to 20 different base products but mak­ing just 1 million liters of rum a year, St. Lucia Dis­tillers is small in comparison to in­d­us­try leaders. But Managing Director Laurie Barnard says the small size of the company is precisely what sets it apart and allows for a focus on innovation.

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