Charlie’s Pride Meats is in the roast beef production game for the long haul. Whether it is the more than four decades of family ownership or the large national accounts in the foodservice and grocery store sectors that rely on the Dickmans for their roast beef, the rest of the industry knows it can count on Charlie’s Pride Meats for quality roast beef at a reasonable price.

Success is in the details when it comes to liquor. The right combination of ingredients and conditions is absolutely essential to ensuring the highest quality product, and the tiniest variation to any part of the formula can create a completely different spirit. Managing Director Anthony Bento says the company’s recipes, which have been refined and improved upon since the 19th century, are a substantial portion of Antigua Distillery’s lifeblood.

If you were lucky enough to grow up in the western United States, you may have had the opportunity to sample one of the delectable candy bars handmade by the folks at Annabelle Candy. Since 1950 – when candy bar creator Sam Altshuler introduced his first creation, Rocky Road – Annabelle Candy has expanded its sweet offerings to include additional candy bars. 

The story of Andrea Foods features all the nuances of the great American dream. Since its founding in 1964 as a small neighborhood “salumeria,” or Italian delicatessen mak­ing homemade pasta products, the company has since grown into a manufacturer with a distribution area that covers the entire New York metropolitan area and continental USA along with international private labeling. 

San Francisco is not the same city it was in 1896. However, its beer has remained the same. The city’s own Anchor Brewing Company has produced its signature Anchor Steam craft beer for more than a century. Beloved by locals and beer enthusiasts around the world, the Anchor Steam brew has experienced little change to the recipe or process. This is a result of the brewer’s dedication to preserving its heritage – a signature trait of the company. 

Little did George Paulose know when he began his humble cashew processing and distributing business in his garage that his products would eventually reach a worldwide market. The name “AMES” is an amalgam of family names – his daughters, Amy and Emily, and his wife, Susan, provide the initials for the corporate moniker. Emily’s Chocolates was named for Paulose’s daughter.

If you want an original Italian sandwich, there’s only one restaurant to visit in the Northeast: Amato’s. The sandwich stuffed with meat, cheese and fresh vegetables would be nothing without its signature ingredient, which – according to the book “Mouth Wide Open: A Cook and His Appetite” by John Thorne – is “bread, bread, bread. Fresh every day.” The book, like many food historians, credits Amato’s with creating the original Italian sandwich. 

An army travels on its stomach, it is said, and so Cincinnati’s Wornick Foods deserves a lot of the credit for getting America’s soldiers where they need to be. The company was one of three original manufacturers supporting the development of what is now the modern combat ration, the Meal Ready to Eat (MRE). Today, the company continues to lead the way in manufacturing military rations, but it also has adapted its shelf-stable food technology for the commercial foodservice industry. 

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