It may be tough for some companies to compete in the highly saturated candy industry, but Hillside, N.J.-based Hillside Candy Co. has found success in a niche that caters to consumers who lead a healthy lifestyle but still want to enjoy the sweeter things in life, President and CEO Ted Cohen says. Hillside Candy’s GoLightly brand of sugar-free candies is one of the leading sugar-free candy brands on the market.

Heartland Mill’s attention to detail and dedication to making quality products have guided its operations since its founding 25 years ago. The Mariental, Kan.-based company produces a variety of flours including all-purpose, whole wheat, and rye; as well as grains, corn meals and rolled oats. Recent years have seen a growth in the company’s production of whole grain flours, which are healthier than refined flours.

In September 2009, Grindmaster Corp. and Cecilware Corp. merged to form Grindmaster-Cecilware™. Grindmaster-Cecilware’s™ extensive product line is the basis for the company’s mission; to build the next generation single source global beverage and foodservice equipment solution. Grindmaster-Cecilware™ manufactures a comprehensive line of quality beverage dispensing equipment for hot, cold and frozen beverages and a complementary foodservice equipment line.

For many, the most important part of food is its taste. People like to savor the tantalizing flavor a meal can leave in our mouths, making us want to have it again and again. Gel Spice Co. LLC is in the business of enhancing that experience, Senior Vice President of Corporate Brands Steve Thomas says. The Bayonne, N.J.-based company sells spices, bakery ingredients and seasonings to food manufacturers and consumers.

The work force of F&F Foods is divided fairly evenly by nationality, according to President and CEO Byron LaMont. Approximately one third of the company’s employees are Hispanic, one third are Polish and the other third are of Irish descent. As a result, the signage in the company’s Chicago facility is in three languages – Spanish, Polish and English. LaMont notes that the employees may have different backgrounds and their primary language may vary, but one thing remains constant – their ongoing focus on maintaining F&F Foods’ high-quality standards.

In his 10 years as president of Diamond Bakery, Brent Kunimoto has realized that every Hawaiian has his or her own memory of the crackers and cookies baked by the 90-year-old company. Kunimoto remembers being sick and staying with his grandmother for the day. She would serve him soup along with Diamond Bakery’s soda crackers, and after he ate, she would stroke his forehead to comfort him.

Citromax Group of Companies does not make lemonade from its lemons. However, it does extract the concentrated juice and oils that other companies use to make not only lemonade, but several food, beverage and industrial products for the everyday consumer. Officially established in 1964 as an Argentinean flavor and fragrance house, Citromax is now headquartered in New Jersey and is parent to five companies all with ties to the lemon and blueberry industries.

Charlie’s Pride Meats is in the roast beef production game for the long haul. Whether it is the more than four decades of family ownership or the large national accounts in the foodservice and grocery store sectors that rely on the Dickmans for their roast beef, the rest of the industry knows it can count on Charlie’s Pride Meats for quality roast beef at a reasonable price.


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