Juice is a mainstay for many refrigerators, but its freshness is momentary, and its shelf life is brief. Likewise, it’s not easy for beverage companies to stay fresh in the marketplace, and their industry clout may be short-lived. Freshness has been the foundation of Sun Orchard’s success, not just in the quality of its products, but also in its approach to business.

With 18 to 20 different base products but mak­ing just 1 million liters of rum a year, St. Lucia Dis­tillers is small in comparison to in­d­us­try leaders. But Managing Director Laurie Barnard says the small size of the company is precisely what sets it apart and allows for a focus on innovation.

As the world’s largest grower and producer of horseradish, specialty mustards and related high-end sauces, Silver Spring Foods Inc., already takes the preeminent spot in a niche market. Others might produce more horseradish than the Eau Claire, Wis., company, but they source the item elsewhere. Silver Spring Food produces horseradish from its own 9,000 acres of farmland in Wisconsin and Minnesota, which enables it to maintain flavor and quality, President Mike Walsh says.

Petroleum is sometimes referred to as black gold. But for R.F. Hunter Co., cooking oil has taken on the value of this precious commodity. The company has been manufacturing edible cooking oil filtration equipment for 65 years – since 1945 – when a fish and chip shop owner in Quincy, Mass., named Robert Hunter developed a filtering machine in his garage.

The goal of Red Hat Co-operative Ltd. is simple: supplying the highest-quality vegetables to wholesalers and retailers across Canada and the United States.“We are strategically placed in southeast Alberta on the Trans-Canada Highway, with the ability to ship overnight to customers in western Canada and parts of the U.S.,” General Manager Lyle Aleman explains.

One of the benefits of America’s status as a cultural melting pot is that new cuisines are always waiting to be discovered. Chinese food didn’t become popular in the United States until the 1920s, and 50 years ago hardly anyone who wasn’t of Mexican heritage knew what a tortilla was. Although it doesn’t yet enjoy the same cultural cachet as Chinese, Mexican or Italian food, Indian food is starting its own rise to prominence, and that’s good news for New Jersey-based Rajbhog Foods Inc.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, and that’s a good thing, because British Columbia-based Port Fish processes more than 55 million pounds of fresh fish every year. As a member of the Leader Group of Companies, Port Fish strives to uphold the standards of excellence and sustainability set forth by its parent company as it catches, packages and sells fresh and frozen fish around the world.

There may not be a more overlooked part of a food product than the packaging on the outside. When one eats, they usually peel away the package, throw it away and instantly forget about it as they dine on the treat that lies inside. But for Packaging Progressions Inc., the package is an important area of focus.

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