Although a noodle starts with simple ingredients, there is infinite variety in the ways its ingredients can be combined and prepared. Every two weeks, Nongshim America ships the noodles it manufactures in its 5-year-old facility in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., to its parent company in Korea for a professional taste test.

As a young man doing research on oyster seeds, David Nisbet fell in love with Willapa Bay in southwest Washington. The romance began to blossom in the 1970s with the founding of Nisbet Oyster Co. Inc. and the purchasing of 10 acres of tideland.

Quality, sustainability and fair play – Stefani LiDestri credits these for the success of LiDestri Food & Beverage. LiDestri, vice president of marketing and business development, points out that the company has an in-house quality team conducting tests round the clock. “We are confident in stating that our quality systems are the best in the world,” she says. “We do third party audits regularly and voluntarily.”

Not just served with Mexican food anymore, tortillas have become a mainstay for a variety of foods – from tacos to wraps. Additionally, the increased popularity of Mexican-themed restaurants has boosted the use of tortillas in almost every dish they serve – from appetizers to main dishes to desserts.

Canada’s largest manufacturer of freeze pops continues to expand its product line and look for ways to extend the appeal and customer base for its product. Kisko Products Inc. produces several brands, sizes and varieties of freeze pops, including its own brand, Kisko Freezies.

Started in the basement of the family restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, 20 years ago, Kahiki Foods opened in 2005 a state-of-the-art, 119,000-square-foot manufacturing facility for its frozen Asian foods that was the dream of its founder, Michael Tsao.

Hodgson Mill has changed a lot since it was founded in 1861, but the most important thing about it hasn’t changed at all. Bob Goldstein and Ray Martin say that even though the production capacity has grown and the equipment has become more sophisticated, the core of the process remains the same stone grinding methods used more than a century ago.

As one of the only meat processors on the island of Barbados, Hipac Ltd. makes sure it has its consumers covered. “I don’t think there’s another meat processor in the Caribbean that produces the number and range of products we do,” says Peter Chandler, sales and marketing manager.

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