Lance, a manufacturer of sandwich crackers, potato chips and cookies, has a history that dates back to 1913. Just a few years before that in 1909, the origins of Snyder’s of Hanover got under way, establishing a foundation for a company that now produces pretzels and a diverse line of snacks for domestic and international markets. Now, working together as one company, Snyder’s-Lance is using its expertise and strengths in the snack market to compete more effectively and add value to the combined operation. This merger is a win for the company’s customers, consumers, partners and associates.

For many people, the brand name Nestle immediately invokes thoughts of chocolate. While the company remains a major force in the sweet stuff, confections are just a small part of its overall global operations.

Because of the complexity of their production, bagels are one breakfast item that very few people make at home. There’s a lot of tradition and attention to detail that comes with making a proper bagel, and those are the foundation on which National Choice Bakery has built its success over the past 21 years. As one of the nation’s largest producers of bagels, National Choice Bakery serves nearly every national brand name and many grocery store chains with bagels made the traditional way.

Building a sandwich is a lot like building a house. From the foundation to the trimmings, the quality of the materials used to put it together matter a lot. And just as the engineering experience builders have goes a long way to ensuring a strong and stable construction, Deli Star Inc. says its food science background makes it an invaluable partner to its customers. 

Vertical integration and innovative packaging are keeping Wilbur Packing Co. ahead of the pack with the two products it grows, processes and sells. The markets Wilbur serves are completely different – all of the walnuts Wilbur processes are sold in bulk while the majority of its prunes end up at retail, mostly for snacking, Sales Manager and Co-owner Richard Wilbur estimates. The rest are used in commercial baking and at health bars. 

A dedication to food safety and innovative processes helps West Liberty Foods stand out as one of the country’s premier meat producers. 

The West Liberty, Iowa-based company processes and packages high-protein meats including turkey, pork, beef and chicken for foodservice and major retail customers in the United States. Products include private label deli meats and prepared foods such as chicken strips, patties and wings. The company also provides co-packing services. West Liberty Foods is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

One might say Vanns Spices is attuned to growth – both in the products it sells as well as in business. The company was established in 1981 by a Baltimore food enthusiast who enjoyed ethnic cooking. Particularly interested in Indian cuisine, she found these spices and blends hard to come by at the time. She created a Tandoori spice blend that she sold at local farmers’ markets and shops. Fueled by positive customer feedback, she developed a line of other blends that were also made available to local markets.

At Suiza Dairy Corp., em­ployees strive to make the firm the “first choice” in its market. “We seek to satisfy the needs of our clients and consumers with high quality services and products,” Marketing Manager Carol G. Rodriguez says. Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the company is the top manufacturer and distributor of dairy products, juices and fruit beverages in its home country, she says. Originally, Suiza Dairy started operations in 1942 and grew to become the first milk plant in Puerto Rico to obtain the U.S. FDA approval to process Grade A milk.

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