Guyana’s name is derived from a term that means “the land of many waters,” due to the many rivers that crisscross the country, as well as its location on the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, the country has one of the largest unspoiled rainforests in all of South America, but only five percent of its land is suitable for crop cultivation. Even so, the Guyana Marketing Corp. (GMC) is dedicated to making Guyanese produce and agricultural products more accessible to consumers – throughout the country and outside of the Caribbean region.

This year, Grenada Breweries Ltd. of Grenada, West Indies, has more to celebrate than its 50th anniversary, Managing Director Ron Antoine says. Its flagship beer, Carib Lager, is making waves worldwide, and its other beer and soft drink brands – already beverage staples among Caribbean consumers – are expected to follow suit.

When it comes to meals, people like to have a say in what they eat, and not settle for options forced on them by a limited menu. FAME Food Management Inc. believes in giving customers those choices, President Terry Tehrany says. Based in Wake­field, Mass., the company provides foodservice and food management services to businesses, government agencies, and schools and colleges. A longtime veteran of the food industry, Tehrany founded the company in 1991. He got his start in the industry by getting his degree in food and nutrition at the same time that he worked as a night chef to pay for tuition and books.

When people go into restaurants, they often don’t look behind the scenes and see the little things that help keep things running smoothly, like plumbing. But that is one of the areas where Canplas Industries focuses its work. Based in Barrie, Ontario, the company manufactures injection-molded plumbing, ventilation and central vacuum products for the construction industry. Its plumbing products, specifically, are often sold via distributors to clients in foodser­vice.

Although the company has been around for nearly 70 years, Spring Glen Fresh Foods has flown under the radar in the fresh refrigerated foods industry. However, General Manager Joe Ward says that is going to change. As the company continues to bring in big-name customers like Trader Joe’s through its private-label and co-pack operations, Ward says he expects Spring Glen to become a much bigger name in the industry in the coming years.

Lance, a manufacturer of sandwich crackers, potato chips and cookies, has a history that dates back to 1913. Just a few years before that in 1909, the origins of Snyder’s of Hanover got under way, establishing a foundation for a company that now produces pretzels and a diverse line of snacks for domestic and international markets. Now, working together as one company, Snyder’s-Lance is using its expertise and strengths in the snack market to compete more effectively and add value to the combined operation. This merger is a win for the company’s customers, consumers, partners and associates.

For many people, the brand name Nestle immediately invokes thoughts of chocolate. While the company remains a major force in the sweet stuff, confections are just a small part of its overall global operations.

Because of the complexity of their production, bagels are one breakfast item that very few people make at home. There’s a lot of tradition and attention to detail that comes with making a proper bagel, and those are the foundation on which National Choice Bakery has built its success over the past 21 years. As one of the nation’s largest producers of bagels, National Choice Bakery serves nearly every national brand name and many grocery store chains with bagels made the traditional way.

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