Along Interstate 5, almost perfectly between San Francisco and Los Angeles, lies a lush oasis in California’s Central Valley. For nearly 40 years, Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant has welcomed travelers and locals alike to share in its philosophy of locally sourced, farm-to-table eating. “Everything that we do here in the restaurant we try to do from California,” Executive Chef Reagan Roach says. “We’re very proud to be a California company and to support the Californian economy through our efforts.”
The Harris family started their farming operation in the San Joaquin Valley in 1937, but the Harris Inn & Restaurant’s modern operation emanates from the growth in traffic along I-5. In 1975, the family opened a small burger stand just off the freeway and soon realized the demand for a major rest stop between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Two years later, the Harris family founded the Harris Ranch Restaurant and it quickly became a signature stop on I-5 and a gathering place for the area’s agricultural families to share the day’s news.
The restaurant has expanded three times in the ensuing four decades and in 1987 added the inn at Harris Ranch. Today, Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant is the fifth busiest independent restaurant in California by volume, according to Restaurant Business Magazine.

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