When Roger Chen arrived in the United States from Taiwan in the early 1980s, he quickly noticed that there were no food stores that catered to the growing Taiwanese population in southern California. “My father saw a need,” says Jonson Chen, the COO of 99 Ranch Market, which today has more than 40 locations in four states.
“We immigrated from Taiwan in 1982,” Chen recalls. Two years later, his father opened the first 99 Ranch Market – a storefront location in what is now known as Little Saigon, a Vietnamese community located in Westminster, Calif. The company grew steadily, opening additional locations throughout southern California and later expanding into the northern part of the state, where it now has 17 stores. 99 Ranch Market opened its 42nd store in November. 99 Ranch Market gets its name from the phonetic sound of saying “nine” twice in Chinese, which sounds the same as saying “everlasting.”  

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