Herr Foods is a leader in the snack food industry that is especially well known for its potato chips. The Nottingham, Pa.-based company manufactures a wide selection of potato chips that feature several unique flavors not typically found in the marketplace.

Herr Foods goes well beyond manufacturing the more traditional flavored potato chips often found in grocery and convenience stores. In addition to barbecue, sour cream and onion, and salt and vinegar chips, Herr Foods offers myriad specialty flavors, including baby back ribs, Kansas City prime steak, ketchup and creamy dill pickle. “Our claim to fame is the flavored chips,” says Lino Santinelli, the director of transportation and logistics.

Love & Quiches Gourmet began in the early 1970s with two Long Island, N.Y., housewives, a family kitchen and local businesses with an appetite for quiches. Neither woman knew anything about running a business or could even tell you why they chose quiches, but it worked. 

“I had a partner, Jill, a truly close friend, when we started and we were both very good cooks,” co-founder Susan Axelrod remembers. “She always wanted to do ‘something’ and talked me into going into business. Why we chose quiches? We really don’t know. It was an accidental business. Cooking was the only credential we had.”

The crisp air has blown in and the smell of pumpkin is everywhere – from your morning latte to the incense in the office – and that can only mean fall has arrived. The new season begins, bringing with it the highly anticipated annual New York City Wine & Food Festival, one of the largest wine and food festivals in the United States.

“We are excited to unveil our 2015 event lineup, which includes the return of festival fan favorite events and a variety of new experiences for our passionate attendees,” says Lee Brian Schrager, festival founder and vice president of corporate communications and national events for Southern Wine & Spirits of America Inc. “Festivalgoers will have the opportunity to see their favorite chefs and culinary personalities, including both veteran and new faces from the Food Network & Cooking Channel, plus interact with leading winemakers and spirits producers from the Southern Wine & Spirits of New York portfolio.” 

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