The name of JBT probably isn’t one that comes to mind for most people while in their kitchens, but there’s a very good chance that JBT has been involved in their preparation of their food in some way. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sterilization and processing equipment for the food and beverage industry, the company has a scope that puts it in most of the world’s food processing facilities. “About 50 percent of the world’s canned goods or packaged foods are sterilized on our equipment,” explains Global Marketing Manager Carlos Saavedra. 

The company’s roots can be traced back to the 1880s, when John Bean invented a continuous spray pump he used to treat his almond orchards, and which he soon began selling to other growers. Over time, the company grew through organic means as well as through acquisition, adding new capabilities and product lines that range from continuous freezers and citrus juicers to airplane de-icing systems and airport baggage carts. In 2008, JBT Corporation was founded to spin off the company’s food processing and airport equipment divisions under a new, independent structure. 

The requirements for food labeling are constantly changing and often becoming more stringent. So continual innovation is a familiar business model for Inland in La Crosse, Wis. Earlier this year, the company dropped “Label” from its name to indicate the broadening of its business model and signal the company’s rebranding.

Inland produces labels in cut-and-stack, in-mold, pressure-sensitive, blow-mold and shrink varieties and offers offset, gravure and flexo printing. It produces labels for the beverage, food and consumer products markets. Inland helps its customers select the correct label substrate, size, shape, ink, coating and print press combination to reduce waste and eliminate costs from the entire supply chain. It says it often saves its customers 1 percent to 3 percent annually through value-engineering.

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