R.W. Garcia’s tortilla chips have been a healthy snack option since the 1980s, with offerings that are organic and non-genetically modified. The late 1990s and 2000s saw a major boom in health consciousness, with high demand for low-fat, local and organic products. California’s R.W. Garcia was ahead of that popularity wave when it began producing its own “good-for-you” tortilla chips in 1986 – but it wasn’t always a smooth ride.

With facilities in Oakville, Ontario, and Albion, N.Y., Freeze-Dry Foods has been freeze-drying items such as poultry, meat, seafood, eggs and cheese for more than 40 years. The company works with many of the world's leading food companies and specialty processors to meet clients' product needs, and it shows clients how freeze-dried ingredients can improve a product's quality. The company has a fully equipped laboratory and its facilities are certified by HACCP, FDA, USDA and CFIA. It also works with biotechnology firms to freeze dry various biological materials.

There are numerous benefits to operating a regional bakery in Jamaica with your partner headquartered in faraway Rye, N.Y., and St. Louis. However, Butch Hendrickson, a fourth-generation baker, saw a great opportunity with his family’s company back in familial hands. As a pioneer in Jamaican business history, Continental Baking Co.’s founder – Karl Hendrickson – brought the concept of sliced and wrapped bread to the island in 1952. This allowed National Baking – as it was originally branded – to distribute its products island-wide by 1959. The company’s fleet of trucks delivered bread from Kingston to Montego Bay, soon making National a household name.

When it comes to tomatoes, Santa Sweets Inc.of Plant City, Fla., grows only the best of the best, COO J.M. Procacci maintains. Started about 15 years ago in its present form, “We went into the business of growing tomatoes for taste,” he says. Whether they’re the company’s famous grape tomatoes, its signature heirloom, The UglyRipe™, or its line of organic tomatoes, all of Santa Sweets’ pro­ducts are “indisputably delicious,” he asserts, because the company takes great pride in growing, harvesting, packing and delivering the world’s finest tomatoes.

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