Quest Food Management Systems Inc. was founded on the idea that there’s more to a school lunch program than simply making sure meals include the four food groups, and President Mike McTaggart says the company adheres to those same principles today. Founded in 1985 by his father and a partner, McTaggart says they started the company after spending many years in the industry. Their goal, McTaggart says, was to create a company that provided schools with more of a personal touch to their foodservice programs. 

After more than 75 years, it would be easy for Plumrose USA to take a break from advancing its operations. But the premium meats company has no intention of letting its quality lapse, CEO David Schanzer says.

“We are the leading producer of private-branded sliced lunch meats in the country,” he says. “We value our customers’ brands as much as we value our own. You won’t find that [commitment] anywhere else.”

At Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt’s stores, customers not only find a broad selection of frozen treats, but also a lively social environment, co-owner and CEO Reese Travis says. On any given afternoon, “You can see anything there from a [meeting of executives] to a student council group,” he says.

Food without flavoring is bland, which is why Illes Seasonings & Flavors has been perfecting and innovating glazes, marinades, rubs, sauces and flavorings for nearly 90 years to add something extra to every dish.  

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