Picture this: You walk into a restaurant and the first thing you see is a huge circular grill in the middle of the room manned by a talented, spatula-wielding – and flipping – chef. You take your bowl and move through the first food station where you choose from a variety of meats, seafood and noodles. Then head to the second station and pile on the veggies, black beans or tofu. Work your way over to the third station where you choose from 12 unique signature sauces – it’s recommended you pour a lot of sauce here to give your food plenty of flavor. Then, hand it to the “grill warrior” and see it cooked in front of you. Finally, you walk your cooked meal over to the toppings bar and top it with chow mein noodles, sunflower seeds, coconut, wasabi or chili sauce. 

The Columbia Basin is the drainage basin of the Columbia River and covers about 260,000 square miles of the Pacific Northwest. In fact, it spans from the southeastern part of British Columbia, over most of Idaho, Oregon and Washington, as well as the western part of Montana and small parts of Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. The fertile soil of this land is home to many farms, and one operation in particular is very proud of its location in the Columbia Basin because of the quality the soil helps the company achieve. This is Harvest Fresh Produce Inc., a quality producer and packer of potatoes.

Dough is one of the most versatile food products – it can be formed into a loaf of bread, split up into dinner rolls or rolled flat to form the basis for a pizza. It only makes sense, then, that a manufacturer of frozen dough products should be as flexible and versatile as the product it makes, and that’s exactly how DeIorio’s has carved out a successful niche in the market. 

Brad’s Raw Foods founder and CEO Brad Gruno is different from other executives in the healthy snack food sector. He’s not just the guiding force behind the company, he’s also a living testament to the benefits of its products. Five years ago, Gruno was introduced to the raw diet community and starting living off a diet of nothing but raw fruits and vegetables. In just a few months, he says, he lost 40 pounds and found himself completely re-energized. It was that experience that led him to create Brad’s Raw Foods more than three years ago, and today the company is hard at work keeping up with the demand. 

The values of hard work and personalized service have guided The Wasserstrom Company for more than 100 years.  Established in 1902 when founder Nathan Wasserstrom began selling kitchen supplies from a horse-drawn cart, The Wasserstrom Company has grown to become a leading national supplier to the foodservice industry.

Wasserstrom carries one of the most diverse and comprehensive product lines in the industry, offering everything from tabletop items, kitchen supplies, service and storage products and maintenance tools to foodservice furnishings, fixtures, large and small equipment, millwork and custom fabricated stainless. Its extensive inventory includes a wide variety of foodservice products from the industry’s leading manufacturers as well as specialized items that are carried to accommodate their customer’s specific needs.

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