Ever since the company was founded by Steven Gilfenbain in 1974, Stevco has been focused on one thing and one thing only: Growing and selling the highest-quality table grapes found anywhere in the world. And, as President Dave Clyde explains, that dedication has helped the company grow into one of the largest and most successful grape providers in the United States.

Based in Delano, Calif., Stevco distributes and exports grapes from some of the best grape-growing regions of the world. Clyde says the company runs nearly 4.4 million boxes of grapes each year out of California’s San Joaquin Valley, along with another 500,000 boxes annually from the Coachella Valley.

A decade ago, the words “healthy eating” would make some people wince because it immediately brought to mind images of bland tofu, sprouts and chalky protein bars. But even with those preconceived notions standing against it, the owners of Muscle Maker Grill have managed to build a thriving business that gives healthy eating a new definition.

“Our greatest challenge is to get people to recognize that you can eat great food that tastes great and doesn’t kill you,” says Rod Silva, founder and CEO of Muscle Maker Grill headquartered in Colonia, N.J. “Our healthcare system is so expensive because people don’t take care of themselves. People think eating healthy too expensive, too inconvenient and that healthy food doesn’t taste good. Well, we have something that’s affordable, easy, tastes great and is convenient.”

After 145 years in business, a company is bound to go through some ups and downs, but how it navigates through those transitions is what leads to ongoing success. S. Martinelli & Co. has had its share of highs and lows throughout its 145-year history, but the company’s flexibility in dealing with challenges has kept it strong since its inception in 1868. In fact, in recent years, Martinelli’s dealt with a major fire to one of its facilities and faced offshore competition, but its dedication to producing the highest-quality apple juices and a range of other premium products enabled it to remain a market leader.

As an independent, family owned company in an industry dominated by large, national corporations, Kohl Wholesale stands out in the distribution world. “There’s fewer companies like us around now than there were 20 years ago,” says Greg Whitney, director of marketing for the Quincy, Ill.-based company. “What sets us apart from our more than 60 competitors is our go-to-market strategy, which is our true emphasis on service to the customer.”

With more than 12 restaurants and a lease already signed for a 13th location, Here To Serve Restaurants’ owner and executive chef Tom Catherall offers a variety of concepts and cuisines to diners throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. No matter what the fare or the price point, however, Director of Operations David Abes says the pervasive theme at each location is the hospitable atmosphere maintained by more than 1,000 employees trained to treat each customer like a member of the family.

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